Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 | Cannondale Treadwell Test and Review of 2024

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Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2

The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 offers flexible pedal-assist execution for urban commuting and recreational riding. Its SmartForm C3 aluminum outline gives a comfortable upright geometry for exploring city lanes whereas carrying travelers or cargo. Control comes from the solid Hyena MRC-250 mid-drive engine matched with a 250Wh inner battery for an assessed run of up to 47 miles. Front suspension and wide tires improve consolation over shifted surfaces. With coordinated lights and included kickstand, bumpers, and raise rack, the Treadwell Neo 2 is helpfully prepared for all-day undertakings near to domestic or encouraging afield.

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Motor: Hyena MRC-250 250W raise hub

Top Speed: 20 mph (Lesson 1); 28 mph (Course 3)

Range: Up to 47 miles\

Battery: Hyena 250Wh Lithium particle inside downtube

Max Stack: 300 lbs

Weight: 53 lbs

Frame: SmartForm C3 Aluminum

Speeds: 7-speed

Wheel Estimate: 650b

Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Plate 160/160mm

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Cannondale Treadwell Test and Review

Powering investigations close and distant, the Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 demonstrates itself a genuinely flexible urban electric bike. Its solid and natural-feeling pedal help opens entryways to revived points of view on every day commutes and permits longer end of the week recreational rides. The Treadwell Neo 2’s pedal-assist engine gives fair the right boost to make commutes less upsetting and more agreeable. It makes a difference when riders navigate uneven courses or battle against headwinds with ease. 

At the end of the week, the engine empowers riders to investigate more of their encompassing zone, whether rolling down calm neighborhood lanes or cleared trails. Separate is no longer a restricting calculation much appreciated to the help, which jam riders’ vitality for getting a charge out of their environment. The Treadwell Neo 2 in this way grows conceivable outcomes for regular transportation and lackadaisical end of the week enterprises near to populace centers.

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A 250W Hyena MRC-250 mid-drive engine settled into the foot bracket shell supplies pedal help on the Treadwell Neo 2. Its increasing speed feels brisk without getting overwhelming. The engine locks in easily and scales well based on cadence, advertising a genuine pedal-assist enlargement or maybe than a throttle-style involvement. This makes a common cycling feel whether cruising along or handling hills.


The included 250Wh inner downtube battery gives the muscle for every day rides or multi-day undertakings. Cannondale gauges to a extend of up to 47 miles is achievable, which testing was very practical for blended landscape utilization with a few pedaling included. Also, the coordinate plane keeps weight moo and centered.


The heart of the Treadwell Neo 2 is its premium SmartForm C3 aluminum outline. This expertly designed outline is developed from lightweight however exceptionally solid 6061 combination for ideal quality without overabundance weight. The outline utilizes Cannondale’s most recently progressed tube forming strategies for an dexterous and responsive ride.

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With its moo best tube and brief wheelbase, the outline gives simple mounting and getting off without a step-through plan. This open outline holds auxiliary judgment whereas upgrading flexibility. The geometry offers an upright riding position for consolation and perceivability on roads.

Up front, a chromoly steel fork with mid-blade mounts and a 1-1/8 inch steerer improves front-end firmness. It highlights a fork counterbalanced plan for exact dealing with. The fork incorporates mounts for a front rack or wicker container to increment cargo capacity.

Powering the raise wheel is a Hyena MRC-250 mid-drive engine settled tactfully in the foot bracket shell. It employs a Hydrive torque sensor in the foot bracket for a natural, normal pedaling feel with help. Completing the bundle is a 38T Samox crankset advertising bounty of usable equipment ratios.

The SmartForm C3 outline is outlined to optimize execution whereas carrying heavier electric components for incalculable miles of pleasant, hassle-free urban transportation.

Suspension & BrakingUp front, a Chromoly suspension fork with 63mm of travel scholarly people retains stuns from street flaws. Out back, a basic, however tried and true Tektro mechanical circle brake framework gives simple control for direct speeds. In spite of the fact that it is missing a few seizing control of pressure driven alternatives, it requires no maintenance.


Propelling the Treadwell Neo 2 is a capable yet productive Hyena MRC-250 coordinate drive raise center engine. Appraised for 250W ceaseless yield with bursts up to 350W, it offers plentiful speeding up for all sorts of riding. The engine is coordinated tactfully into the raise wheel center for a smooth and normal pedaling feel.

A muscular 40 Newton-meters of torque empowers climbing indeed the steepest slopes with ease. From take-off at activity signals to slope climbs, the engine locks in quickly however easily. Its scales help naturally based on pedaling cadence to feel like an expansion of the rider’s power.

With no outside dragging or pivoting weight compared to mid-drive engines, the direct-drive plan maximizes powertrain productivity. Its low-inertia character brings out the best in pedal-stroke. Additional control is summoned with natural control through the handlebar-mounted controller.

The engine sets superbly with the lightweight SmartForm outline, lending an athletic start to urban transportation without eclipsing the unadulterated delight of cycling.


Powering long outings is a high-capacity 250-watt-hour lithium-ion battery coordinated tactfully into the frame’s down tube. Charging to full requires around 5 hours utilizing the included charger.

Cannondale gauges the battery empowers a pedal to extend up to 47 miles on one charge—a figure tried precisely. Indeed with visit stops and direct pedaling, real-world run reliably surpasses 35 miles some time recently the last battery life bar.

Thanks to the hyper-efficient direct-drive powertrain and lightweight plan, the battery’s constrained capacity is extended sublimely. Its coordinates plan centralizes weight moo and keeps the in general bicycle lightweight, with steady, spry taking care of and climbing capacity indeed when carrying cargo.

With genuine all-day run capability, the Treadwell Neo 2 rouses certainty for driven outings to assist abroad. Commuters and recreational riders appreciate liberated access

Ride & Handling

Around town, the Treadwell Neo 2 handles agilely however, typically much obliged to its responsive but pardoning chassis. Upright ergonomics advance consolation whereas seeing and being seen on active roads. Out on cleared trails, it tracks easily over shifted surfaces at a relaxed journey. Its electric-assist keeps up vitality for expanded investigations of characteristic environments already inaccessible by pedal control alone.


The Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 depends on a straightforward but viable handlebar-mounted Hyena HMI control unit to naturally alter five levels of pedal help, screen battery life and bicycle diagnostics, and combine with a portable app.

LCD Display

Information and controls for the Treadwell Neo 2’s electric frameworks are overseen through a compact LCD mounted cleanly on the handlebar stem. The Hyena HMI gives natural readouts for current speed, control level, help mode, battery charge, and more. Riders can rapidly scroll between information screens and flip through the five levels of pedal help. The unit is too congruous with Hyena’s smartphone app, permitting route highlights and customization settings to be gotten to on the go. Interfacing to the show through Bluetooth, the app turns any rider’s phone into a progress control center.

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