Ribble Continuance SL | RIBBLE Continuance SL R Plate: GEOMETRY OF 2024

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Ribble Continuance SL

Ribble’s naming traditions can cause a few disarray. While ‘endurance’ is regularly a marker of a more loose fit, in the case of the Preston based brand, the Perseverance bicycles are race-ready street bicycles. The Continuance SL R is the lighter of the kin, the other half of the match being the Continuance SL. For those after the extreme in speed, the ‘Ultra’ is, concurring to Ribble, the ‘most efficiently progressed bicycle in the world’, a striking claim and one we’ve however to confirm (without a wind burrow, it will be an intense work). 

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The Perseverance SL R certainly inspired us, and in portion due to the fabulous esteem for cash. 

Ribble offers an in-depth customisation bike-builder, that lets you select all the components and the color. The adaptation we tried came in total with the SRAM Ruddy eTap AXS groupset, Ribble Level 5 carbon coordinates bar and stem, and the Mavic Enormous Master Carbon plate wheelset. This spec came in at £6,519, but there are alternatives from £3,699/$4,939.19 (Shimano Ultegra mechanical) to £6,999 (Shimano Dura-Ace) or $6,317.89 (SRAM Drive AXS). There’s no denying that this is great esteem for cash vs the enormous brand competition. 

RIBBLE Continuance SL R Plate: Development 

Made from the same Toray T1000/T800 carbon fiber as the Perseverance SL frameset, yet with more of the T100 review than the SL in order to diminish the weight, the outline weighs 890g. If this is a painted figure (and if not, dark is continuously lightest), this is heavier than the likes of an S-Works Landing area SL7, at 800g (painted), but lighter than the 10R models exterior of the S-Works run (920g, painted, estimate 56). 

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Whilst the Ribble Ultra has clearly unseated the Continuance SL R as the aero bicycle of Ribble’s line-up, it contains a few gestures to drag lessening – Ribble claims a 28.5 percent drop in drag vs the active show. Be that as it may, we’ve got to address what this implies approximately the proficiency of the active form, as the SL R is recognizably more slim than cutting edge all-out aero bicycles. It sits comfortably in the ‘all rounder’ domain, which mixes moo weight with moo CDA, think Canyon Extreme and co. 

Aero augmentations incorporate the utilization of a truncated aerofoil shape at the downtube, situate tube and seatpost, optimized fork edges, and inner cable directing – in the case of this demonstration, through a one piece cockpit. This does include a few support migraines, so is a choice to select as it were if you’re happy to spend time (or cash) when it comes to the likes of headset changes; but it does seem smooth. 

The foot bracket range is bulky, inferring great control exchange, while dropped situate remains, the carbon seatpost and space for 30mm tires (or 25mm with curved guards) imply compliance hasn’t been overlooked. 

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RIBBLE Continuance SL R Plate: GEOMETRY

On the huge outline, suited to individuals five foot 10 inches up to six-foot one, the SL R is basically indistinguishable to the lower spec SL, with a 73-degree head point, 73-degree situate point and a 562mm stack, with a reach of 396mm. The minor distinction is the wheelbase, which is 1 mm shorter on the SLR at 999mm, compared with 1,000mm on the SL.

But it is hardly more forceful than the more comfortable Canyon Extreme, which runs with a 73.3-degree head tube point and a 73.8 situate tube point, with a taller stack of 567mm stack in the medium (Canyon sizes are marginally distinctive), and a reach of 391mm.

RIBBLE Continuance SL R Plate: THE BUILD

The spec on any total bicycle is continuously down to individual inclination, especially with Ribble’s unending combinations by means of its bike-builder app, but as a time trialist by definition, the components on the SL R hit the right spot.

Starting with the marvelous, but exceptionally costly, SRAM Ruddy eTap AXS groupset, this is a set-up I’ve continuously been affectionate of having tried it on a number of other machines.

With the 12-speed 10-36 raise cassette and 43/40 2x framework up front, the Perseverance SL R gave a gigantic spread of gears, which suited my low-cadence fashion or riding, advertising bounty of control on the pads and a pleasant simple equip when the streets turn upwards, making a difference me out on landscape that fair isn’t my forte.

The benefits of SRAM 12-speed incorporate a more prominent extent of gears than the conventional 11-28 cassette and 53-36 front I would select, and with less hop between gears in the center of the square, this set-up is culminated for a processor on the pedals or maybe than a spinner.

When it comes to the wheels, the 45mm edge profile on the Mavic Infinite Carbon is optimized for 25mm tires; these were the culminating mid-point between streamlined features and control, including to the flexibility of the race-focused machine.

Deeper wheels include the unbending feel of the Ribble, but the Mavic choice is a compromise on weight, running at around 1500 g for the combine, compared to 1,300g for a set of Zipp 45mm profound wheels (which are more expensive).

RIBBLE Continuance SL R Circle: THE RIDE

Living in the traffic-riddled background of South London – the capital’s reply to the Ardennes [keep telling yourself that, Alex! – Ed] – brief, brutally soak climbs are the standard as I head out south on the bicycle into Kent. 

For that reason, keeping the weight down is regularly fundamental to what I would consider a ‘successful’ ride, as you don’t need to be breaking the 500 watt marker early in the ride on the way to the route.

Unfortunately with the Ribble SL R this is frequently the position I found myself, as in spite of carrying a beat spec groupset, this in general construct weighs in at 7.6kg for the 54 estimate outline, a conventional chunk heavier than equal all-round machines, like the Specialized Landing area SL7 (around 6.7kg). 

The additional weight isn’t in the groupset, we know that, and the claimed outline weight is inside run, so the additional grams must be inserted among other regions of the wrapping up unit. 

That weight, which you took note most in the front conclusion, does compromise this bike’s adequacy as a climbing race bicycle, as you wouldn’t need to go head-to-head on a soak climb with somebody on a lighter machine than this in a race situation. 

However, I found that to be the inborn drawback to this bicycle, as when I at last hit the pads I found myself in my component with a machine flawlessly suited to riding quick. 

The inflexible construct, aero cockpit and more profound carbon wheels implies this bicycle rolls at speed. I found I might be up to 30 kph in no time. This was all complimented by the previously mentioned SRAM 12-speed, which gives you bounty of adapting alternatives in the center of the piece and lets you keep the control streaming with relentless and smooth electronic moving, making it a dream to get the head down and the control streaming on quick, level streets or indeed the continuous climbs.

The heavier front conclusion too offers extraordinary footing in the turns, combined with the Mainland GP5000 28mm tires, which for my cash are the best all-round tires accessible on the advert right now.

Comparing this with other comparable spec bicycles, counting the Canyon Extreme with SRAM eTap AXS and indeed the sports-car-like Scott Thwart Premium, this bicycle matches its rivals on immaculate speed, whereas the cost makes it a genuine contender in the all-round advertise – all of a sudden the weight doesn’t feel like such a drag.

RIBBLE Perseverance SL R Plate: Esteem AND CONCLUSIONS 

Through all the conversation of spec and ride, the most vital thing for any non-professional rider continuously has to be the esteem, and this is where the Ribble thrives.

Coming with the top-end SRAM groupset, which retails for more than £3,000 on it’s claim, the Mavic wheelset (£1,800) retail and an aero cockpit (£399.99 retail), this machine comes in at a staggeringly great esteem at £6,519.

Compare that with the recently discharged Specialized S-Works Landing area SL7 with the same groupset, which is on the advertise for £11,750, or the Scott Thwart Premium full-aero machine at £8,000 and abruptly the Ribble’s put in the showcase is clear – an all-round machine inclining towards a somewhat more aero center, that completely pulverizes numerous of its rivals on price.

The as it were genuine contender to this Ribble comes from Canyon’s bicycle extend; Canyon has too been driving the industry on high-spec, extraordinary esteem machines.

Canyon offer their Extreme CF SLX 8 circle, total with the marginally lower spec SRAM Drive eTap AXS and the higher spec Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels for £6,499, making it a matter of inclination between the two equitably coordinated machines.

But having ridden both the Canyon, the Ribble, a modest bunch of match machines out on the advertise, I might be inclined to buy the fashion, speed and British family of the Ribble.

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