Super Cruiser 2.0 | Street Portage Super Cruiser survey and points of interest of 2024 

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Super Cruiser 2.0

The Portage Supercruiser is a chopper fashion electric bicycle with completely movable handlebars, a cush larger than average situate and durable gusseted aluminum outline. Driving it is a 600 watt equipped raise center engine running off of a 48 volt 10 amp hour Lithium-ion battery pack utilizing Samsung cells. By comparison, most standard ebikes utilize 350 watt engines and 36 volt 10 amp hour packs. This bicycle is competent of moving bigger riders and is outlined with consolation in intellect over capacity or run. It needs pedal help mode, does not incorporate a coordinated LCD show unit and isn’t set up to work with panniers or a raised rack. What it needs in highlights it makes up for with availability and fun.

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In 2011 Passage produced a model electric bicycle at a conference in Germany but never rolled it out in the US. The Supercruiser is to begin with advertising and is slated for a January 2014 make a big appearance at Portage and Pedego dealerships over the US and Canada. The gadgets and drive framework fueling the bicycle are created by Pedego, a driving electric bicycle producer in the US based out of Irvine California. Pedego is known for their colorful shoreline cruisers that are congenial and solid. The Supercruiser runs on the same engine and battery pack as the less costly Pedego Path Tracker but highlights updated paint, bumpers and outline plan by Tony Ellsworth. The Supercruiser takes after “The Ride” which is a plan Ellsworth made in 2007.


The advantage of having a 600 watt adapted center engine is two overlay, torque and control. It’s competent at moving more weight and will get up to speed quicker which makes it a parcel of fun to ride, indeed for bigger individuals or those living in sloping ranges. In spite of its control, the engine is generally little and lightweight. It’s built right into the raise wheel of the bike and interfaces to the controller found fair behind the wrench shaft or foot bracket.

The battery pack driving this creature conveys 48 volts of control and 10 amp hours of capacity. That’s sufficient for around an hour of cruising and the pack can be charged on or off the outline which makes commuting less demanding. Fair bring the pack into your office or friend’s house and plug it into any standard divider outlet. Whereas the pack does bolt to the bicycle outline, you are required to take off the key when riding which may be irritating if you have a keychain connected.

The mounting point of the battery pack is the raised bumper itself which looks astonishing but had me pondering almost astuteness and toughness. I pushed down difficult and indeed pounded with my clench hand on the raise pack to see how the outline would react and it really felt lovely strong. Not at all like a few bolt-on fashion racks, the coordinated bumper will not shake free over time and offers a few adaptability that ought to assimilate stun when riding. Whereas the bumper is strengthened and strong enough for the battery, one of the downsides of this plan is the need of a raised rack for cargo packs or panniers. I’m beyond any doubt it was a stylish choice and you can continuously wear a rucksack but this bicycle doesn’t strike me as a commuter as much as a fun neighborhood cruiser.

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All things considered, this bicycle remains genuine to itself and is a delight to ride. It feels strong and perseveres with bumps and breaks. We’ll much appreciate the larger than usual tires and delicate extravagant situation. It takes off when you turn the throttle and is simple to get. Indeed when you’re not utilizing the throttle it’s fun to ride with seven gears to select from and a basic twist-shifter on the cleared out bar. Everything is measured so indeed if the throttle, engine or battery do break or wear out they can be effortlessly supplanted. I’ve ridden a parcel of Pedego bicycles, indeed smashed and dropped them, and they hold up well. This would be a extraordinary bicycle for somebody looking to get exterior, voyage with companions and appreciate the ride.


Can charge the battery on or off the bike

Strong 600 watt equipped center motor

Relatively lightweight (60lbs) considering curiously large tubing

Independently flexible handlebars go up and down and too swivel in

Oversized Schwalbe tires retain bumps and smooth out the ride

Integrated chime works exceptionally well and keeps the handlebars clean

Integrated wires remain out of the way, outline looks great

Quality chain watch keeps pants clean, metal pedals work well and don’t slip, bumpers keep down higher splashes

double legged kickstand remains out of the way and works well


Twist throttle drive as it were, no pedal assist

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No stun safeguards, bigger tires and situate bumper only

More costly than comparable non-Ford branded offerings from Pedego

Limited capacity, no raise rack for panniers or bushel (seem stack on raise battery but may compromise bumper strength?)

Have to take off the key in the battery start when riding

Rear-heavy plan with battery weight found higher on frame

No LCD show advertising speed, battery life or run as it were a three color Driven indicator

Front bumper doesn’t expand down distant sufficient to keep sprinkles absent from feet and shins

Is the Street Portage Super Cruiser a genuine electric bike?

No, the Street Passage Super Cruiser is not a genuine electric bicycle. There is no record of Passage ever creating an electric bicycle by this title. It’s conceivable you might have gotten the title blended up with another brand or model.

What are a few electric bicycles comparable to the Super Cruiser (in case it was real)?

Since the Super Cruiser isn’t genuine, there isn’t any correct coordinate. But if you’re looking for a comfortable, cruiser-style electric bicycle, there are numerous alternatives! Brands like Pedego, EVELO, and Rad Control Bicycles offer cruisers with electric motors.

Are electric bicycles expensive?

Electric bicycles can extend in cost depending on highlights and brand. There are a few reasonable choices accessible, whereas others can be very costly. By and large, you can anticipate paying more for an electric bicycle than a customary bike.

What are the benefits of riding an electric bike?

Electric bicycles offer numerous benefits! They can offer assistance to cover longer separations, make riding tough simpler, and diminish sweat. They’re too fun and an eco-friendly way to get around.

Where can I discover an electric bicycle to buy?

Many bicycle shops presently offer electric bicycles. You can discover them online from different retailers. It’s continuously a great thought to attempt out an electric bicycle some time recently you purchase it to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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